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What you will learn on the Freedom From Anxiety Kickstarter:

  • How to begin a life changing anxiety journey 
  • What thinking strategies you can use right away
  • Tools to feel anxiety empowered
  • How good nutrition can ease anxiety & what to eat
  • How your physiology helps and hinders you
  • How to embedd new calm-seeking strategies into your daily routine for the rest of your life
  • Mind-body connection and how to use this to find your calm.
  • 3 Essential mindfulness techniques that work
  • 21 Videos and helpful downloads including worksheets, reference notes, and a 57 page recipe book
  • The difference between an anxiety tool that works and one that works for YOU! (Super Important!) 

Freedom From
Anxiety Kickstarter

This course is in 4 modules plus
the bonus Q and A live session. 

Sam Adkins

“Sam is the best Homeopath and counsellor. She has really helped me deal with my anxiety and given me great tools that I can use every day to help relieve my anxiety. Sam is so kind and helpful, I really can’t recommend her enough!! Thanks Sam!”

Sydney, Australia

Sam Adkins

“Sam has been a lifesaver. She is compassionate and extremely experienced in her field of anxiety. Not only an incredible Homeopath, but the best anxiety coach you could ever ask for. Thanks Sam, you are truly a blessing to our lives. ”

Sydney, Australia & USA

Sam Adkins

“Sensible advice that really works! Motivational. Easy steps to follow from an experienced and inspiring practitioner!”

Devon, UK

Your Investment


$197 USD

usually $247

21 training videos

Loads of incredible information

These discounted places are strictly limited.

When they're gone they're gone.

Yes I know it's mad to let it go for such a ridiculously low price but I know you will love it so much that you will want to go on to do the Freedom From Anxiety Formula Intensive Program. 

And if you do continue to learn with me,  the cost of your Kickstarter will be applied as a discount to the next program!  


A 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarrantee.

This means that if you don't feel my trainings have helped you, you can request a refund, within 30 days of the purchase date, and I will refund your money in questions asked.  

So, the only risk you take on my Kickstarter program, is that you will get some reduction in your anxiety. And some super useful tools to help you moving forward. 

Sam Adkins, The Natural Anxiety Specialist is a psychotherapist, Homeopath and natural medicine expert specialising in treating anxiety. She says:

I’m a big believer in every person finding their sweet spot in all aspects of their life. Anxiety can get in the way of finding your way, and prevent you having the awareness to know what you need. I am absolutely passionate about facilitating others to have the freedom to choose balance, if they desire it.

The Natural Anxiety Specialist is where all aspects of my experience and training come together to focus on creating significant and life-long shifts for people. Paramount for me, is educating individuals so that once they have asked for our help, and learnt from me, they go away empowered and with an effective toolkit to use whenever they need it in life.

Sam Adkins

“I’m soooooo much better!!
Sam’s personality shines through. I can’t thank her enough for her empathy, skills and asking the right questions in order for me to get over my anxiety and be a better parent! I’m soooooo much better!!”

Sydney, Australia

Sam Adkins

“Like a lot of people I was quite overwhelmed by nutrition and lifestyle advice, but Sam’s course was a great way to learn exactly what I needed to know. Thank you Sam for helping me stay zen and reduce my anxiety!”

NSW, Australia

Sam Adkins

“After working with Sam, I now have a completely different relationship to anxiety. I no longer regard myself as an ‘anxiety sufferer’, and my life, career, and relationships have blossomed as a result. Sam is a must see if you are struggling with anxiety, whatever form it may take. The minimal process it took me to get well was too good to be true, an enjoyable small journey, and one for which I will always be grateful. I wish everyone would make this first step and see their life transform the way it has mine.”

London, UK