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The Anxiety Freedom Online Program

"The Anxiety Freedom Online Program is soooooooo much more than a program for anxiety. I learnt loads about myself, how to conflict well, how to recognise my needs and express them and my social anxiety is WAY better! I think Sam should call this program something like: 'How to be a more confident person" because that's how I feel after doing it!!" Patricia, Toronto, Canada

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3 Easy Daily Calm Meditations

I know you know that meditation is one of THE best antidotes for Anxiety? However, it’s sometimes tough to fit it in to your daily routine, let alone do it and relax.   These 3 meditations are 5, 10 and 20 minutes long and I have created them to help people who feel they can’t meditate. They have been specially designed and created by me, to fit in with busy lives and make an impact. Get them while you can!


Anxiety Library

Amazing Anxiety Library

Want to get access to my comprehensive vault of Anxiety knowledge so you can access help whenever you need it? The Anxiety Library contains min video tutorials and downloads that you can access whenever you want. With this one time only offer you can get the complete Anxiety Library for a massively discounted price! Once you click off this page this offer will not be available to you again, so take advantage of the discount to get more tools for your anxiety. 


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February Reframing

The Anxiety Freedom Online Program

This transformative program will deliver a monthly calm kit based around an anxiety topic. You will get: 

  • An Introduction to the monthly topic
  • Mindset Training
  • Calm Workshop
  • Anxiety Training in the topic of the month
  • Access to the Anxiety Library (only tools and self care).
  • Private Facebook Community

Each month you will:

  • Build your anxiety resilience
  • Create a deep and extensive anxiety toolkit
  • Learn mindfulness and body calming techniques
  • Become less and less anxious! 

Are YOU ready for your transformation for less than $10AUD per week?

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" Usually if someone politely requests a testimonial, as an anxiety person I would say no. But after Sam's program two things have happened to change that. Firstly, I don't identify with being anxious anymore (this is life changing); AND I'm PROUD to tell people I did this program!! Sam's program taught me how to view myself completely differently". Thanks Sam ! Victoria M, York, UK